3Fun Review
3Fun Review 2022 – The App Helps Polyamorous Couples and Singles Pursue Hookups

3Fun Review 2022 – The App Helps Polyamorous Couples and Singles Pursue Hookups

The 3Fun project has been designed to bring polyamorous singles and couples together to pursue hookups. The app takes advantage of the fun-loving spirit of prime singles and partners. Today, the app boasts over 400,000 users. In this 3Fun review, we particularly look at registration process, security and features.

Short Summary

3Fun is a popular lifestyle and dating style, with some couples even identifying as polyamorous. It is the practice of being in multiple relationships at once, with the consent of all parties. Despite being considered outside the norm, polyamorous couples are enjoying the benefits of open relationships. A polyamorous relationship offers both men and women the opportunity to pursue multiple partners, which is a definite advantage for men.

With millions of active users, the 3Fun app is an effective tool for finding polyamorous dates. Users can browse and view profiles of potential dates in the privacy of their homes. The app’s database contains over 2 million active daters with low inhibitions and high sex drives.

The 3Fun App enables couples and singles to chat synchronously. Its advanced security features include a system to protect users from fake accounts and catfishing. Users can also chat with another user anonymously without worrying about their personal information.

The 3Fun App helps polyamorous couples & singles pursue hookups through a variety of dating activities. Its simple interface makes it easy to use and offers plenty of options. Users can find compatible matches by gender and interest. Users also benefit from the free membership option, which is particularly helpful for those in a poly relationship.

Users should be cautious about their privacy, however. The 3Fun App makes it possible to hide certain aspects of their profiles and can prevent users from meeting a potential match by preventing them from seeing their photos. Users can also make their photo albums private. In addition, 3Fun promises not to share their users’ personal information without the consent of the users.

Registration process

Once a user registers on 3Fun, they can begin pursuing relationships. The registration process takes about two minutes, and requires the user to verify their email address. Alternatively, they can link their Facebook profile to 3Fun to import their contacts. Mobile registration is also available, which makes it convenient for those who are always on the go.

With an expansive community and a highly rated chat feature, 3Fun is a top choice for polyamorous dating. Feeld has a huge number of features, including a group chat feature. Moreover, the site is highly inclusive, using Facebook to verify users. As a result, a single or couple can meet a third person through 3Fun, and it is completely discreet, never posting details about themselves or the other.

Another great feature of 3Fun is the ability to create couple accounts. For example, a male and a female can create a male and female account and then share their connections and messages with the other members. In addition, men and women can even create female and male accounts and use each other’s connections to create more relationships.

The 3Fun App is a fantastic way for polyamorous couples and singles to meet and engage in sexual activity. With a variety of features to choose from, it is easy to meet someone and have a wonderful time.

Safe & Secure Enviroment

The 3Fun App helps polyamorous couples and singles pursue hookups in a safe, secure environment. The application verifies users and ensures they’re not catfished. It’s simple to use and has over 400,000 active users. The company’s mission is to promote openminded hookups among prime singles and partners.

To make sure that your profile is safe, you should ensure that you upload a photo and verify your location. This will help prevent any shady activity or fake profiles from forming. You can also make your profile private by allowing certain parts of it to be hidden. As long as you are a member of 3Fun, you can feel secure knowing that your information is not being shared without your permission.

3Fun Review

If you are looking for a fun and safe adult dating site, 3Fun is right for you. Although it has a 97% hookup rate, you may want to consider meeting users in person before you use it. 3Fun has a great reputation among its client base and offers an easy way to find someone in your city. When you start chatting, you can send greeting messages to anyone you want. Don’t share any credit card information or your real address on this app. Once you’ve established a relationship, you can upload up to three videos to show the other members what you’re looking for.


The site has many different methods for meeting people with similar interests. For example, you can send video messages, browse through other members’ content, send automatic icebreakers, or like pictures. The 3Fun app allows couples to chat with each other synchronously and have a third party join in the conversation. It also has increased security features, including constant in-app scanning for fraudulent and catfishing activities. Users can also use the app to swap dates with local users.

Users must be at least 18 years old to register. Once registered, 3Fun allows users to browse profiles of prospective matches. Moreover, the app lets users upload photos and message potential matches for free. However, users can upgrade to a premium subscription to get priority messaging and access to private photo albums.

Users should keep their privacy in mind while using 3Fun. It’s important to note that the app has a few privacy flaws. Users’ in-app conversations and private photos were leaked. Singles and polyamorous couples can use 3Fun to meet other poly couples. Its interface is easy to use and allows users to choose gender and interests. The site also offers a $9.99 subscription option.

Conclusion of the 3Fun review

In this3Fun review, I tried to acquaint you with the main characteristics of the site. 3Fun is a great option for meeting people who want to get laid but aren’t interested in the romantic aspect. The site’s algorithm considers age, gender, and location before displaying profiles. When a person searches for a potential partner, the site displays profiles that match those criteria.

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